Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Challenge 78 - Mothering Sunday


Greeting, this is Alka from India. Thank you for visiting my blog. Please do leave comment, its valuable to me.

I am so excited for entering this card for Dream Valley Challenges. I have made this card using On the Bright side Paper pad, they are so beautiful. This is the very first Vintage card I have made. I have distressed card all over.

You could see that beautiful Cream Flower in the middle and butterflies. Pearls have beautified my card.

So, That's all about the card. Please do comment for any correction for future challenge.

Love you all!!!!!!!!!!

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Hexagons: Happy for Hexagons Challenge

Its About Hexagon. I am submitting this challenge for Moxie Fab Hexagon.It was fun making this card. I have used pattern paper for hexagon and distress ink.

I have embossed the heart and sentiments.

Thank you for stopping by and have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!

Felt Flower

Here I am showing you the felt flower. This is very easy tutorial. Well, i have used Alterations Die and big shot machine. I have used felt cloth in this. Papers may also be used in case you want to make paper flowers.

After cutting this is how it exactly looks like

Arranging them altogether the flower looks like 
You may stitch all together or just use glue or glue gun to stick them.
 To beautify i have used sticker pearl and arranged them on paper. Trip the paper well and that it doesn't come out.
 The embellishment.

Recycled Art -Tutorial for Coin purse

Dear Friends,

I once again welcome you to my blog with recycled art. I love recycled art as it has so much of creativity in it. These days pet bottles are very often used. Today I am going to show you i have used plastic bottles to main coin purse.

Material you need:

1. Soft drinks Plastic Bottles /Since I don't drink softdrinks I used amla juice bottle 2 nos cut the bottom as shown in the picture.
2. Scissor
3. Needle and thread
4. Zip
5. Ofcourse Glue to stick
5. Optional - Paint of your choice / laces / pearls

Start stitching the zip to the bottle taking all around. You may you the matching color thread. This thread is bit thick one and color was not tracable to me, so i had to use white.See how it looks after stitching. My thumb is still paining as i have to give pressure to stitch. :-)

 The above picture show how it looks like after stitching the zip. You maycolor them or leave it as it is. I think leaving as it is looks more beautiful. So better leave as it is.

I have used lace this is optional. I wanted some girlish type to decorated with satin lace.The final touch and the coin purse is ready to use.

Start keeping coins on your desk.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Tutorial - Satin Ribbon Flower with Video tutorial

Warning : - Children below 18 should work under parents supervision. 

So its time getting ready for new creation. This Saturday I spent almost 3 hours making ribbon flower. It easy to make but requires little bit of technique and caution.

Satin Flower -Hair Band

Material Required:-

1. Satin Ribbon  - 7.5Cm and 5.5 cm in length
2. Pearls 7 nos
5.Hair band
5. Glue Gun
6. Felt or Card board or some hard base

Step 1

Starting with making petals.
I have taken 2cm width orange ribbon. Cut 7.5cm in length 15 nos and 5.5 cm 10nos.


 Fold the ribbon into half as you can see in the picture. Cut the ribbon in diagonal, to trim the ribbon use lighter and fix the ribbon.

Step 3
The tail part, fold both the side and lighter them to fix the folding. Now the petal is ready. Repeat 15nos big and 10 nos small petals.

This is how the petal looks like

 Step 4
Assemble all the petals all around using round  base a felt material.

Take a felt or cardboard or any tough surface for fixing the petals. Start sticking one by one using Glue Gun.

Step 5

Stick hair band using glue gun (You can also stitch them up to make it stronger) I have made the center pearl using glue gun. Sticking the pearl all around.

Please do mail me if you want to know how i made this center pearl.

This is my first ever video tutorial. A very small video to show you how I made the petals. 

 Hope you must have enjoyed the tutorial. Please do leave comment. I would love to hear from you.

Please follow my blog for more updates.

With lots of love

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Dynamic Duos #91 {Triple Threat Week!}

Hey All,

This is the first time I am entering into the Challenge for Dynamic Duos. It was really fun making this for DD#91.

Well, to add I have used Spellbinders Nestabilities Crown Circles, Versa Color and WeR Autom splendor clear stamp. Few pearls and colored stones.

I am very exited to receive your comments or suggestion or critics.
Thank you all for stopping by.

Lamp Shades

I am great jute lover and one of my creation has to be jute. It is such a fantastic fiber and is very strong and you can make so much things out of it. The very important thing is availability. You can find them in any corner of the world and ofcourse at affordable price.

I have few pictures taken, I tried my best to put the most important part of tutorials and I promise to bring in more variation on this.

Material Required: -

1. Glue / Adhesive
2. Balloon
3. Jute rope/Thread
4. Scissor

Blow the balloon. You can take as much bigger you want to make, even you can use birthday balloon which will come out as jumbo size . I have taken just the normal size.

With the help of glue dip the jute rope properly and start from the top to bottom and continue rollingall  around the balloon.

Well the above picture is taken in wool to have better view. I experimented with wool and the result is not that i was looking for. Jute came out with perfect stiffness.

Well a thought came into my mind that since i am big fan to jute, I want to invite all jute lovers to join hand in creating master piece.

Please stay tuned for more exiting news ahead.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fabric Paintings

I was so busy all through the day working on fabric. The painting goes so well on fabric. A table cloth is made using stencils. I have used red and yellow to give the effect. It also gives the effect of batik...just a short look of it.

Hope you loved it. Take care. See you soon. Happy weekdays...Keep loving.

Beautiful Fabric Painting

Needless to say I love you all and believe me struggling hard to get something for you. Today I have made few paintings on hanky. The fabric painting is so amazing piece of art. It looks very beautiful on table-mat, bedsheets, curtains.

 I have few samples to show. Sorry for the background. But you will definitely agree that the work is beautiful.

Looking forward to your suggestion and comments.

Saturday, February 15, 2014


Oh my dear all,

I missed you all so much. I was away from blogging quite sometimes now.so much things are happening around. My laptop keyboard was not working and then there was problem with the connectivity and so forth.

Creation is such a beautiful thing on this earth. I feel it releaves all stress and makes you a very happy person.

Today i have come up with a card for Beyond Grey Challange. Very interesting. My little boy is so naughty, he does'nt allow me to do anything. After all efforts i did a very simple card as the theme is of my taste, Sweet Tooth.

Colors palette for the challenge and My Creation are here for you.

Please do comment and give me your valuable suggestion.


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